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The People - Working on the street


Series: Streets of South Africa


Over the past 10 years I have been capturing photos of my travels across South Africa. I wanted to capture ordinary people just getting on with their lives. The streets and sidewalks are the places where many people of this country rely on to make a living. The further one gets out of the cities, the harder the existence. The further one has to travel on foot just to get services and food. Less people means less money. These people all have one thing in common, they all want a home, but do they have hope?


For many of us, we pass these people on our roads in the comfort of our cars, do we see them or do they become a blur and forgotten? If I do not look at them, maybe they will not notice me and not come to my car or why not just look away when a person is trying to sell you a hat at a robot.  Life on the streets goes further than the clash of inequality. They are places were communities are formed, where you can find a vegetable shop on one corner, a sweet shop on another and a barber on the other corner and in-between that tech sellers, advertising representatives and for good measure a troop of jugglers and pantsula dancers for entertainment.


The people on the streets of South Africa tell us a thousand stories of hopes, dreams and despair.


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Medium: Mixed media on paper

Size: 60cm x 90cm


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