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Jozi Dream 1


Series: Jozi Dream Black & White


Johannesburg from the day it started was a multi cultural city, from it's mining days when it was known as the city of gold.  They say it was because of the layer of fine gold dust  that lined the streets.  Today Johannesburg is a vibrant  multi cultural African city.  It is the New York or London of Africa.  It is the economic hub of Southern Africa, that houses the poorest of the poor to some of the richest people on Earth.


 These started out as mockups for paintings and I liked them so much as they are, that I decided to offer these as limited edition Giclee Prints.  Photography is such a wonderful medium, just like instant coffee or sliced bread.  From the period of 2001 - 2010, johannesburg and surrounds has been my subject.  For many people Joburg seems like a blur, it is avoided, yet it is always on the horizon reminding us that urban decay is real when not managed.


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