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Chaos & Order


Series: Originals mixed media hybrid


In this body of work when painting, I laid out the palette of colours and began to paint with both hands. I tried very hard not to think about the painting or where I was dipping my brushes.  I just let my hands move in a random manner not trying to concern myself with what was actually happing.  I tried to almost emulate the "Double rod pendulum"  I tried to achieve some form of chaos.


The second part of the artwork was to lay over a UV Print which represents the order.  The use of hexagons (beehives, the honeycomb is a masterpiece of engineering)  Boxes are the spaces we put ourselves in order to find order and meaning in our lives.  The lines or paths show us connections.


Are we the chaos and the new system, robotics and AI the new order?


Title: S1P3   Series: Chaos and Order   Size: 2.9m x 1.4m


Title: S1P5   Series: Chaos and Order in water    Size: 2.5m x 1.2m



Title: S1P4   Series: Chaos and Order    Size: 1.9m x 1.1m

Title: S1P1   Series: Chaos and Order    Size: 1.5m x 1.2m

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